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The Economic Challenges of the Middle Class

This section includes videos on the economic challenges of the middle class. Both individuals and families are living paycheck-to-paycheck and struggling with debt and basic expenses.

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The Great Economic Reset of 2021​

This section includes videos on how the Covid-19 pandemic led to a shift in the workforce. Workers are demanding higher wages & flexible work-life balance; which has led to a labor shortage in some industries.

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Millennials are Demanding Change​

This section includes videos on how millennials are impacting todays workforce and demanding change. They want better wages & work-life balance, reduced student loan debt, and environmental improvements.

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Technology and The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This section includes videos on how technology in the 21st century is going to impact the workforce.  Will people need to work? What is the future of capitalism? What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

TEDx Talks - The Future of Work

The Disruptive Power of the Internet

Duration:  13 minutes  (2015)

A New Renaissance for Humans

Duration:  15 minutes (2014)

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Adapting to Change

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