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Music and Mental Health
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Duration:  5 minutes

Duration:  4 minutes

Music and Mental Health

Musician, Jonny Hawkins, talks about his family's experiences with mental illness and how music can be a tool for mental health.

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Duration:  26 minutes

The You Rock Foundation - Jonny Hawkins

"Jenny" - Nothing More  (Official Video)

Duration:  9 minutes


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YouTube Channel

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Inspirational Music Videos

"There Is Hope"

"You Are Worth It"

"You're Only Human (Second Wind)" - Billy Joel 

(Official Video - 1985)

"Bad Day" - Daniel Powter

"We Are Warriors" - Avril Lavigne

Inspirational Songs From the Blues Traveler "Four" Album (1994)

"Mountains Win Again" (with lyrics)

"Look Around" (with lyrics)

Full Album

"Just Wait" (black background, white lyrics)

"Stand" (Listen to the lyrics)

"Crash & Burn"

"Brother John"

"When You Fall Down" (with lyrics) - 2018

"Feel Good" Rock Music

"Fight the Good Fight"

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"Hold On (To Your Dreams)"

"Magic Power (of the Music)"

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Mental Illness and Music

Musician Kate Grahn talks about her childhood struggles with OCD and how it inspired her to write the songs on her new EP  "Ragdoll".

Trigger Warning: talk of self-harming

"Untangling" - Kate Grahn 

Duration:  37 minutes


"The Name"



"Into You"

"Over Again"


"Someday Baby"

"Wrecking Ball"

Kate Grahn and her mother, actress Nancy Lee Grahn, on General Hospital.

Duration:  3 minutes

Duration:  6 minutes

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