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Company Background

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John K. Doherty

"Johnny D"

Independent Business Owner

for Amway Global and

Founder of Health Zone Plus

Southwest Florida Region

The History ​of the Amway Opportunity

Duration:  4 minutes

Amway Co-Founder Rich DeVos said, 

"People helping people help themselves 

is the heart of the Amway Business."

An Overview of the Amway Corporation (2013)

Duration:  3 minutes

Amway is a Legitimate Business Opportunity - Not a Pyramid Scheme!

Duration:  3 minutes 

Kurt Warner Endorses Nutrilite Vitamins & Supplements

Duration:  1 minutes

The Miss America Pageant Partners with Artistry Cosmetics 

Duration:  1 minutes

More About Amway...

Amway's Focus Is On People

Duration:  5 minutes

Amway's World Headquarters In Michigan

Duration:  3 minutes

Why People Join Amway

Duration:  3 minutes

New Amway Stores in the U.S.

Duration:  1 minutes

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