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The Changing Middle Class
The Economic Challenges of the Middle Class

The Middle Class

Is the Middle Class Shrinking?

Duration:  4 minutes  

Can the Middle Class Still Afford a New Car?

Duration:  6 minutes  

The 21st century economy has presented many challenges that most people are just not prepared for. The fact is,

adults today are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to their financial future.

The statistics are staggering; we are faced with:

1) lower incomes when compared to inflation

2) higher cost of living; especially in education and housing

3) major debt due to college loans and credit cards, and

4) the inability to save and accumulate wealth for the future. 

In today's economy, even two-income families struggle to

make ends meet. (2016)

Duration:  7 minutes

A Real Education: The Plight of Teachers (2019 )

Duration:  8 minutes

Many Older Workers Can't Afford to Retire (2020)

Duration:  7 minutes

The Economic Impact of Student Loans on the Middle Class

Millions of Americans Saddled with Student Debt (2021)

Duration:  8 minutes

Student Loans: More Debt, 

More Defaults, More Problems (2012)

Duration:  8 minutes

Military Families and Debt

The Financial Impact of Covid-19 on Military Veterans 

Duration:   3 minutes

Military Families & Veterans are Struggling with Financial Debt and Food Insecurity.

 Military Families Deal with Financial Stress (2019)

Duration:   3 minutes

Military Spouses Rely on Food Banks (2019)

Duration:   6 minutes

Millennials are Demanding Change from ​Our Government
The Great Economic Reset of 2021​
Technology, Capitalism and The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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