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The Secret to Wealth

Duration:  9 minutes

Financial Security in the 21st Century

Do you want to learn how to get out of debt 

and improve your financial situation?

      The powerpoint presentation below explains the how, what, and

      why’s of financial planning in the 21st century. The presentation 

      is like a 4 hour “mini-course” on Personal Finance Management, 

      and includes links to YouTube videos.

Click on the image to view the powerpoint

              The powerpoint presentation has 29 slides 

              and is divided into four 1 hour sections:

                 1. The Income Crisis (6 videos)

                2. The Workforce of the Future (4 videos)

                3. Learn from an Expert (8 videos)

                4. What is Wealth (4 videos)

Becoming Wealthy is a Mindset

Duration:  7 minutes

A Key Principle to Wealth:

Understanding the Difference 

Between Assets and Liabilities

Duration:  4 minutes

Be a Student of the Money Game 

Duration:  5 minutes

Create a Budget and Increase Your Cash Flow

Duration:  8 minutes

Understanding the rules of the "money game" and 

the key principles of saving & making money is not

difficult - even an 8-year-old can do it!  

​Come on!...

                              Duration:  2 minutes

The New Retirement Plan?

         Home-based businesses have become a viable option 

         for many as a way to supplement their income and 

         achieve their financial goals... 

                    - getting out of debt and saving for retirement. 

           Duration:  8 minutes

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