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The Secret to Wealth
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What Is the Secret to Building Wealth?
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The Power of Residual Income and Leverage

Key Principles to Wealth 

Becoming Wealthy Is a Mindset

Duration:  7 minutes

Understanding the Difference

Between Assets and Liabilities

Duration:  4 minutes

Financial Advice from Dr. Lynn Richardson

Be a Student of the Money Game

Duration:  5 minutes

Create a Budget and Increase Your Cash Flow

Duration:  8 minutes

Understanding the rules of the "money game" and 

the key principles of saving & making money is not

difficult - even an 8-year-old can do it!  

​Come on!..

Duration:  2 minutes

The New Retirement Plan?

         Home-based businesses have become a viable option 

         for many as a way to supplement their income and 

         achieve their financial goals... 

                    - getting out of debt and saving for retirement. 

           Duration:  8 minutes


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