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The Blues
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Instrumental Slow Blues - 8 Hours
Blues Electric Guitar & Piano Background Music
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Relaxing Blues & Rock Ballads

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Duration:  1 hr 7 min

Blues-Rock Performances

Duration:  57 minutes

Slow Blues & Blue Ballads

Duration:  2 hr 37 min

Blues Guitarist - Rik Emmett

"Too Little, Too Late" (1999)

Rik Emmett is an accomplished blues guitarist and founding member of the 1980's Canadian rock band - Triumph.


Rik is considered one of the greatest blues guitarist of the 20th century and has been inducted into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame.

Triumph - "Suitcase Blues" (1979)

"Out of the Blue" (1992)

The Legendary 80's Music Icon Prince Played a "Mean" Blues Guitar.

How Good REALLY was Prince?

Triumph - "Suitcase Blues" (1979)

Performing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Duration: 6 minutes

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