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About the Business

World renowned economist, Zane Pilzner, explains how the Wellness Industry is going to be The Next Trillion Dollar Industry.  (2007)

Duration:  10 minutes

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Change Your 20th Century Thinking into 21st Century $uccess!

Have you ever heard the saying…

“Timing is everything”

This is especially true when you consider our current economy 

and the impact of these popular trends:

1. Demand for Health & Beauty products

2. Online Purchasing (E-Commerce)

3. Sharing & Networking (Social Media)

4. Home-based Business opportunities

When you combine these four powerful and influential trends, the result is a timely and rewarding business opportunity.

The key to creating wealth is...

recognizing top consumer trends and 

utilizing business models (systems) 

that are currently in place.

Why Start a Home-Based Business?

Will a $50,000 a year income provide enough financial security for this current generation?


In today's economy, having a secondary source of income is not just a good idea, it is almost a necessity.

A home-based business can allow individuals, and families, the flexibility to supplement their income - on their own time, at their own pace - while regaining control of their finances.


Whether you are a single parent, a college student, or just someone looking to supplement your income - starting a home-based business can be a fun and effective way to generate residual income.

Start a Business for the Cash Flow

Duration:  4 minutes

Invest Rather Than Save

Duration:  5 minutes

How to Make a Six Figure Income

Duration:  5 minutes

If you answered “YES” to many of the questions above, then this business might be for you.

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