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Why Start a Home-Based Business?
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The Benefits of Starting an E-commerce (Internet) Home-based Business
Are you recession proof?
Do you have an alternative 
source of income?
It's no longer about job security... 
it's now about Financial Security!
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Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Duration:   6 minutes
What Is Your PLAN B? (2008)
Financial Advice from Dr. Lynn Richardson
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Building Multiple Income Streams
Duration:  8 minutes
For the Tax Breaks and Cash Flow!
The New "Retirement Plan"?

 Home-based businesses have become a viable option 

 for many as a way to supplement their income and 

 achieve their financial goals...  

Duration:  8 minutes

Getting out of debt and saving for retirement. 

The American Dream is embedded in the idea of free enterprise  and business ownership. For decades, the Network Marketing & Direct Selling Industry has provided average Americans   the opportunity to achieve great wealth and success. 

NOW is The PRIME TIME For Network Marketing (2011)

Successful people understand the benefit of network marketing.

Business Insider:

Article posted on 4/9/2016

"18 Choices Millionaires Make That the Rest of Us Don't"

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The Importance of Building Passive Income Streams

Duration: 9 minutes

Duration: 12 minutes

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The ecommerce (direct selling) business model is a viable option for many to...

  a) supplement their income; as well as, 

  b) for anyone looking to create a passive income-generating asset.

This business model can be a major contributor to your retirement portfolio.

Technology and the Future of Work
Capitalism vs Socialism Debate
Capitalism vs Socialism Debate
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