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Jazz Music & Instrumentals

Classical Instrumentals

Duration:  2 hr 26 min

Duration:  2 hr 24 min

original (89).jfif

Hooked on Classics Duration:  5 minutes

The Beatles Duration:  52 minutes

Abba Duration:  50 minutes

Madonna Duration:  58 minutes

Movie Themes Duration:  57 minutes

Beatles Instrumental & Jazz Music

Relaxing Guitar music with golf course and pond scene

Duration: 1 hour

Various Jazz Singers Perform Beatles Songs "Jazz and Beatles" Album

Duration: 38 minutes

Morning Jazz for Coffee & Breakfast

Bruno Mars - Jazz Instrumentals

Duration:  1 hr 19 min (Repeats after 40 min mark)

Relaxing Songs - Bossa Nova Jazz Style

Duration:  1 hr 8 min (The last song is just "noise")

Duration:  1 hr 15 min

Popular Cover Songs

Duration:  5 hr 33 min

Duration:  5 hr 30 min

Duration:  5 hr 13 min

Piano Jazz & Instrumentals

Duration:  1 hr 4 min

Duration:  3 hr 8 min

Duration:  3 hr 14 min

Duration:  1 hr 40 min

Relaxing Guitar Instrumental

Driving through Ireland listening to Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler

Duration:  1 Hour

original (90).jfif

Upbeat Café Music

Duration: 2 hr 46 min

Guitar Jazz Instrumental

Duration:  1 hr 20 min

Smooth Jazz - Saxophone

Duration:  1 hr 3 min

Funky Jazz - Saxophone & Harmonica

Duration:  52 minutes

Bar Classics - Saxophone

Duration:  50 minutes

Long Videos: 4-Hours of Continuous Jazz

Duration:  4 hr 3 min

Duration:  4 hr 22 min

A Sax Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Duration:  1 hr 5 min

Big Band Jazz

Duration:  3 Hours

Smooth Jazz

Duration:  2 hr 29 min

1980'x Jazz Hits

Duration:  2 hr 11 min

Smooth Jazz Grooves

Duration:  1 hr 24 min

Mr. Telephone Man

Click above to listen to the playlist on YouTube

If It Isn't Love

Candy Girl

Can You Stand the Rain

Cool It Now

Boys to Men

You're Not My Kind of Girl

I'm Comin' Home

Still In Love

Lost In Love

Jazz Fusion

Duration:  1 hr 23 min

The Legendary 80's Music Icon, Prince...

  • Wrote Jazz-Funk Music,

  • Played a "Mean" Blues Guitar" & 

  • Formed an All-Girl Blues/Rock Band. 

original (92).jfif

Prince - Instrumental Funk Music

Duration:  55 minutes

Little Red Corvette


When Doves Cry

original (93).jfif

Click above to listen to the playlist on YouTube

Purple Rain


Erotic City

I Wanna Be Your Lover

I Would Die 4 U

When You Were Mine

Beautiful Ones

Raspberry Beret

Do Me Baby

U Got the Look


Norah Jones, Sade, Adele & Amy Winehouse

Duration:  1 hr 19 min


"Smooth Operator" (1984 music video)

Duration:  1 hr 50 min

Norah Jones

"Come Away With Me"

Duration:  1 hr 54 min (Repeats after 1 hr)

original - 2023-09-29T124058.394.png

Kenny G Performing Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 1987.

Duration: 1 hr 5 min

Going Home

original - 2023-09-29T124611.742.png

Album Released in 1989

Midnight Motion





I've Been Missin' You



Uncle Al

Blues Guitarist & Instrumentalist - Rik Emmett

From the "Swing Shift "Album - 1997

"Three Clouds Across the Moon"

"Swizzle Stick"

"Key Chain"

"Too Little, Too Late" (1999)

Rik Emmett is an accomplished blues guitarist and founding member of the 1980's Canadian rock band - Triumph.


Rik is considered one of the greatest blues guitarist of the 20th century and has been inducted into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame.

Triumph - "Suitcase Blues" (1979)

"Out of the Blue" (1992)

Instrumental Guitar Ballads

Duration:  1 hr 7 min

original (95).jfif
original - 2023-09-29T140533.630.png
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