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Millennials Demand Change
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Millennials are Changing the Workforce and Demanding Change from ​Our Government.

Four Reasons Why Millennials Are Broke (2020)

Duration:  3 minutes

Business Insider:

Article posted on 9/22/2021

"Millennials make more money than any other generation did at their age, but are way less wealthy.
The affordability crisis is to blame."

Millennials Struggle with Student Debt (2016)

Duration:  3 minutes

Millennials Are Strapped with Debt (2019)

Duration:  22 minutes

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CNN Politics:

Article posted on 1/11/2020

"Many millennials are worse off than their parents   -- a first in American history"

Millennials are Creating a Shift in the Workforce

Duration:  3 minutes

How Millennials are Changing America

Duration:  4 minutes

Are Millennials the Unluckiest Generation? 

Duration:  12 minutes

Why Democratic Socialism Is Gaining Popularity 

Duration:  26 minutes

The Millennial Dream (2020)

Duration:  42 minutes

How climate change inaction could impact

millennials lifetime income potential.

Duration:  6 minutes

The Economic Challenges of the Middle Class
The Great Economic Reset of 2021​
Technology, Capitalism and The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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