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The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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The Great Economic Reset of 2021
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The World Economic Forum is

calling for a new form of capitalism.

Duration:  4 minutes

The Labor Shortage Means Worker Power (2021)

Duration:  8 minutes

The Washington Post:

Article posted on 6/20/2021

"The Economy Isn't Going Back to February 2020. Fundamental Shifts Have Occurred." America

The Pandemic Pushed Workers to Leave Their Jobs

Duration:  9 minutes

US Workers are Looking for More Incentives

Duration: 3 minutes

The Washington Post:

Article posted on 6/21/2021

"Retail workers are quitting at  record rates for higher-paying

Business Insider:

Article posted on 10/12/2021

"In August, more than 4 million workers quit - marking the fifth month in a row of record exits."

The Washington Post:

Article posted on 10/11/2021

"Warehouse jobs — recently thought of as jobs of the future — are suddenly jobs few workers want."

Labor Experts Predict a Resignation Boom

Duration:  7 minutes

Employment in America: A Shifting Workforce

Duration: 57 minutes

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

The Real Reason Workers Aren't Running Back

to Restaurant Jobs (2021)

Duration:  9 minutes

The Miami Herald:

Article posted on 6/21/2021

" 'A Wake-Up Call': Miami  Hotel Workers
Resist Going Back To Low-Wage Normal."

The Economic Challenges of the Middle Class
Millennials are Demanding Change from ​Our Government Reset of 2021​
Technology, Capitalism and The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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