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The New Economy
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Automation & Technology in the Workforce

This section includes videos on the impact of automation on jobs. Will artificial intelligence and robots make our jobs easier or will they replace the need for human labor?

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Can a UBI - Universal Basic Income - Work?

This section includes videos that explain the idea of universal (guaranteed) basic income. Can UBI help with income inequality? Many economists and financial advisors discuss the pros and cons.

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Explaining the Capitalism vs Socialism Debate

This section includes videos that discuss the capitalism vs socialism debate. Is capitalism still the best economic system? Why are young people embracing socialism? Can we have both?  

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The Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Business

This section includes videos that discuss the benefits of starting a home-based business - flexible hours, work from anywhere, secondary cash flow and the many tax breaks are just a few.

TEDx Talks - A New Economy

Capitalist & billionaire entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, 

talks about a new theory of economics powered 

by reciprocity and cooperation.

Duration:  17 minutes

Big ideas for an Equitable Economy

Rutger Bregman on the Daily Show - March 2019

Duration:  13 minutes

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