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Vitamins & Supplements

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The History of Nutrilite™

A Timeline of 80 Years of Nutrilite™ (2014)

Nutrilite™ Motto:  "Quality Proceeds the Supplement"

Nutrilite™ Values:  Efficacy, Safety, Purity & Consistency

Nutrilite™ Organic Farms - Traceability

Nutrilite™ - Farming Practices

From Seed to Supplement

The Largest Acerola Organic Farm in the World

1954 Promotional Film on the Nutrilite™ Supplement Process

Duration: 20 minutes

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Kurt Warner, former spokesman, endorses Nutrilite. (2012)

Bridging the Nutritional Gap

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Cellular                Bones                Vision                  Heart                 Brain

Foundational Vitamins




All Plant Protein Powder

Vitamin C

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Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables

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Balanced Health Omega

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Cal Mag D

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Daily Multi-Vitamin

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(Note: Berry flavor no longer available)

Behind the Scenes: How Nutrilite™ Products are Processed and Packaged

Balanced Health Omega-3

All Plant Protein Powder

Nutrilite™ Men’s and Women’s Packs named 

“Official Vitamin of the Orlando Magic™”

This exclusive, multi-year partnership is the first of its kind in the NBA!​​

Nutrilite™ MyPacks offer nutrition on the go 

– and now they’re going to hit the court! 

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Additional Product Brands

If you have any questions or comments regarding the 

vitamin & supplement products and/or the Nutrilite™ Brand,

please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.  

IBO Name:  John Doherty

IBO Number:  5450913

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