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Blast From the Past - Music From the 1950's to 2000  (This page is still a work in progress.)
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Click on the Decade below to listen to more music from your past.

American Female Singers of the 1940's

Duration:  1 hr 17 min

1940's USA Singers (1945-1946)

Duration:  1 hr 20 min

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The Best of  50's & 60's Rock & Roll Party Hits

Duration:  1 hr 46 min

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Classic TV Footage of  #1 Billboard Hits (1955-1959)

Duration:  19 minutes

"Rock, Rock, Rock!" - A 1956 Movie (Black & White)

The film is an early jukebox musical featuring performances by established rock and roll singers of the era.

Duration:  1 hr 25 min

Vintage Music & Pictures from the 1950's

Duration:  50 minutes

Duration:  43 minutes

Listen to music from...

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