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Capitalism vs. Socialism
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What is Behind the Capitalism vs. Socialism Debate?
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What Is Capitalism?​​
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Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production of goods or services are privately owned and operated for a profit.

Duration:  11 minutes

What is Capitalism?

Duration:  3 minutes

Duration:  3 minutes

Capitalism Explained

Duration:  10 minutes

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The Need for Progressive Capitalism

Duration:  12 minutes  (2019)

Rewriting the Rules of the Economy

Duration:  17 minutes  (2015)

Building a New Economy

Capitalist & billionaire entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, 

talks about a new theory of economics powered 

by reciprocity and cooperation.

Duration:  17 minutes

Big ideas for an Equitable Economy

Rutger Bregman on the Daily Show - March 2019

Duration:  13 minutes

Robert Reich Discusses...

How to Save Capitalism

Duration:  3 minutes

The New Economy

Duration:  12 minutes

Building an Ownership Economy

The videos below discuss a "new way of thinking" as it relates to the 21st century US economy. 

Episode 1:

A New Way of Thinking About Capitalism

Duration:  7 minutes

Episode 2:

The Real Problem with Capitalism

Duration:  7 minutes

Episode 3:

Combining Wealth Creation with Wealth Distribution

Duration:  6 minutes

Class 13:

Organize Yourselves

Duration:  6 minutes

Technology and the Future of Work
Can a UBI - Universal Basic Income - Work?
The Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Business
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