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Dr. Richard Wolff: What is Marxism?
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Dr. Richard Wolff Discusses Capitalism, Socialism & Marxist Viewpoints.
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Dr. Richard Wolff: What Is Marxism?

Dr. Richard Wolff is a professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is known for his teachings on the Marxian economic methodology. 

An interesting analysis on capitalism. (2016)

Duration:  36 minutes

Four Reasons Why Capitalism is Imploding

Duration:  7 minutes

What Exactly is "Capital" in Capitalism?

Duration:  9 minutes

Richard Wolff Discusses...

The Capitalism vs Socialism Debate

with Capitalist Patrick Bet-David 

May 2020                     Duration:  1 hour 21 minutes

with Economist Paul Krugman

February 2020                     Duration:  26 minutes

"Economic Update" with Richard Wolff

​Each video below is a 30-minute "class" on a different economic topic.

Understanding Marxism

3 Basic Kinds of Socialism

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Beyond Universal Basic Income

Technology and the Future of Work
Can a UBI - Universal Basic Income - Work?
The Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Business
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