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New Economic Thinking
The Impact of Income Inequality on American Families, Seniors and Youth
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"Big Think" Discussions on Economics

Discussion on if Capitalism is Destroying Itself

Duration: 11 minutes (2017)

Discussion on the Need for a New Economy

Duration:  7 minutes (2017)

Discussion on the Future of Capitalism

Duration:  21 minutes (2020)

Discussion on the need for universal basic income

Duration:  25 minutes (2020)

Capitalist & billionaire entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, 

talks about a new theory of economics powered 

by reciprocity and cooperation.

Duration:  17 minutes

What is "Doughnut Economics"?

Duration:  17 minutes

TEDx Talks: Universal Basic Income

Rutger Bregman - Should people get free money?

Duration:  17 minutes  (2014)

Raf Manji - Is a basic income a universal human right?

Duration:  17 minutes  (2016)

Martin Ford - Will technology lead to the need for UBI?

Duration:  15 minutes  (2017)

Martin Ford - Will technology lead to the need for UBI?

Duration:  16 minutes  (2018)

Beau of the 5th Column -

2020 Economic Viewpoints

Talks about the "possible" end of capitalism

Duration:  9 minutes

Beau is a southern journalist who is tired of a lack of common sense.


From his north Florida (south of Alabama) workshop, Beau talks about the historical significance of current events and its economic impacts.


Many history teachers send topic requests for him to discuss and explain to their students.

Talks about Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Duration:  10 minutes

Talks about minimum wage and the American Dream

Duration:  5 minutes

Building an Ownership Economy

The videos below discuss a "new way of thinking" as it relates to the 21st century US economy. 

Episode 1:

A New Way of Thinking About Capitalism

Duration:  7 minutes

Episode 2:

The Real Problem with Capitalism

Duration:  7 minutes

Episode 3:

Combining Wealth Creation with Wealth Distribution

Duration:  7 minutes

Class 13:

Organize Yourselves

Duration:  7 minutes

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