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American Debt Crisis
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How Low Wages and the Higher Cost of Living are Contributing to the Debt Crisis in American

Income vs. Expenses

The Middle Class Family is Going Broke Over the Basics

- Elizabeth Warren (2004)

A comparison between 1970 and 2005 (or current)

incomes and the cost of a new home and car

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The Middle Class

Is the Middle Class Shrinking?

Duration:  4 minutes  

Can the Middle Class Still Afford a New Car?

Duration:  6 minutes  

The Problem of Financial Illiteracy

Many Middle Class Americans Have No Savings (2016)

Duration:  12 minutes  

​Not Understanding Money = $14 Trillion Problem (2020)

Duration:  7 minutes  

Student Debt in America

The U.S. Student Loan Crisis (2020)

Duration:  10 minutes  

Older Americans Struggle with Student Debt (2017)

Duration:  10 minutes  

CBSN Originals: The Student Debt Dilemma (2021)

Duration:  28 minutes

The Impact of Income Inequality in America

How Income Inequality Affects Society's Well-Being

Duration:  8 minutes (2019)

Millions of Americans Still Live In Poverty

Duration:  10 minutes (2019)

Food Insecurity in America

Duration:  28 minutes (2020)

Duration:  13 minutes (2021)

Financial Insecurity of Older Workers

Pandemic Unemployment on Older Workers

Duration:  8 minutes

55, Unemployed, and Faking Normal

Duration:  8 minutes

In the News: Special Report Documetaries

Spent: Looking for Change (2014)

Duration:  40 minutes

The Looming Retirement Crisis In America (2017)

Duration:  1 hr 20 min

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The Power of the Fed (2021)

Duration: 53 minutes

The Pension Gamble (2018)

Duration: 53 minutes

Poverty, Politics and Profit (2017)

Duration: 53 minutes

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