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Gary Moore - Blues Guitarist
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Instrumental Slow Blues - 8 Hours

Blues Electric Guitar & Piano Background Music

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Blues Guitarist & Instrumentalist - Rik Emmett

From the "Swing Shift "Album - 1997

"Three Clouds Across the Moon"

"Swizzle Stick"

"Key Chain"

"Three Clouds Across the Moon"

Rik Emmett is an accomplished blues guitarist and founding member of the 1980's Canadian rock band - Triumph.


Rik is considered one of the greatest blues guitarist of the 20th century and has been inducted into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame.

"Key Chain"

"Out of the Blue" (1992)

Prince - Instrumental Funk Music

The Legendary 80's Music Icon, Prince...

  • Wrote Jazz-Funk Music,

  • Played a "Mean" Blues Guitar" & 

  • Formed an All-Girl Blues/Rock Band. 

Duration:  55 minutes

Prince - The Guitarist

How Good REALLY was Prince?

Duration: 13 minutes

Performing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Duration: 6 minutes

Various Musicians Perform

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

The Beatles - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

George Harrison & Eric Clapton

The Story Behind the Song

Duration:  6 minutes

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John Lennon, Eric Clapton, & Paul McCartney

The Story Behind Their Relationship

Duration:  11 minutes

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George Harrison & Eric Clapton, (1969)

1971 Performance

The Concert for Bangladesh  (Spanish intro)

Duration:  6 minutes

1987 Performance

Featuring:  Ringo Starr, Phil Collins & Elton John

Duration:  11 minutes

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Tribute to George Harrison

2002 Concert For George

Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & George's son Dhani

Crossroads Guitar Festival - 2019

Eric Clapton & Peter Frampton

2014 Tribute to The Beatles

Joe Walsh, Gary Clark Jr. & Dave Grohl

More Performances

80's Rock Band Toto

25th Anniversary Concert: Live from Amsterdam 2003

The Jeff Healey Band

David Letterman - 1990

REO Brothers - 2020

Carlos Santana

Duration:  1 hr 32 min

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Relaxing Blues & Rock Ballads

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Duration:  1 hr 7 min

Smooth Jazz - Saxophone

Duration:  1 hr 3 min

Bar Classics - Saxophone

Duration:  50 minutes

Relaxing Blues & Rock Ballads

Duration:  1 hr 7 min

Blues-Rock Performances

Duration:  57 minutes

Slow Blues & Blue Ballads

Duration:  2 hr 37 min

Duration:  1 hr 34 min

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"You Upset Me Baby"

"Parisienne Walkways"

"Story of the Blues"

"Cold Black Night"

"I Ain't Got You"

"Looking Back"

Gary Moore Music Videos

"Separate Ways"

"Always Gonna Love You"

"Still Got the Blues"

"Empty Rooms"

Gary Moore - Ballads & Blues 1982-1994 Album

Gary Moore - "One Day"

"Midnight Blues"

"Falling In Love With You"

"Crying In the Shadow"

"Jumpin' at Shadows"

"You Upset Me Baby"

"You Upset Me Baby"

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Full Concert

Duration:  1 hr 10 min

original - 2023-10-04T091501.278.jfif

"Johnny Boy" - A Tribute to Gary Moore (1952-2011)

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