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State Of Mind
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Profiles of Hope:

Actor Maurice Benard talks about living with bipolar disorder. (Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health - 2012)

Duration:  10 minutes

2008 Interview on Bipolar Disorder

(3 minute videos)

Part 1

Part 2

Family Support


The Beginning Episodes

Episode Date:  July 19, 2020

Duration:  6 minutes

Episode Date:  July 22, 2020

Duration:  4 minutes

Episode Date:  August 16, 2020

Duration:  11 minutes

Trigger Warning

Please note: The “State of Mind” interviews contain discussions of suicide, self-injurious behavior, depression, and/or reference other mental health disorders that may act as triggers. Viewer discretion is advised. (Occasional adult language)

2021 Episodes

Grief and Overcoming Relapse

Mia St. John is a 5x World Boxing Champion and mental health advocate.


During her "State of Mind" episode, Mia talks about her professional boxing journey, the loss of her son Julian, former husband Kristoff St. John and overcoming relapse after her long-term sobriety.

Episode Date: July 11, 2021

Duration:  31 minutes

Duration:  8 minutes

Duration:  2 minutes

Boxing Match: Mia St John vs. Lana Alexander (May 8, 2004)

Duration:  18 minutes

Unleash Your Inner Strength

Sean Kanan is an American actor best known for his role as AJ Quartermaine on "General Hospital" and as Mike Barnes in "Karate Kid Part III".


During his "State of Mind" episode, Sean talks about being bullied as a kid, how martial arts led to acting, how to deal with the ups-and-downs of life and wanting to inspire others.

Episode Date: June 27, 2021

Duration:  44 minutes

AJ Quartermaine Returns to GH - 2012

Duration:  13 minutes

Duration:  18 minutes

Sonny & AJ Boxing on GH - 2012

Duration:  7 minutes

Sonny Threatens AJ on GH - 2013

Duration:  7 minutes

AJ's Family Confronts Him on His Drinking - 1995

Duration:  13 minutes

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Cobra Kai - Daniel has a Mike Barnes Flashback

Duration:  7 minutes

Character Analysis:  Sean Kanan as Mike Barnes

Duration:  18 minutes

Find your Interest and Success Will Follow

Episode Date: April 4, 2021

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Stephen A. Smith is an American TV personality best known for his work as a sports analysist on ESPN's "First Take" and "SportsCenter". He also has a recurring role as Brick on the soap "General Hospital".


During his "State of Mind" episode, Stephen A. talks about overcoming academic challenges as a kid, how he joined "First Take", and the emotional impact of losing his mother.

Duration:  31 minutes

Sonny & AJ Boxing on GH - 2012

Duration:  5 minutes

Sonny Threatens AJ on GH - 2013

Duration:  3 minutes

Stephen A. Smith as Brick on GH - 2020

Duration:  4 minutes

Stephen A. Reacts to Baby Stephen A. on First Take - March 2020

Duration:  3 minutes

Maurice & Stephen A. Sports Talk: The 49ers & Boxing

Duration:  3 minutes

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