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The Story Behind the Website

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The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about major life changes for most everyone. Society norms were challenged, put on hold - and some even changed.


The pandemic gave people the time to re-evaluate their lives, careers & relationships - and I was no exception. 

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The Discovery

The pandemic lockdown gave me - and everyone else - plenty of free-time at home. Like so many others, I spent much of my time on the internet watching YouTube videos.

What I discovered during this "YouTube Journey" was that... there is WAY TOO MUCH "STUFF" on the internet. This got me thinking... 

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The New Idea

Since there is so much information & cool stuff on the internet & YouTube, why not create a website that makes it easier to access and view the articles and videos?

As a "YouTube Navigator", I will research videos and websites on different topics and post them in one convenient location.

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About the Website

This website is divided into three main sections: 

Finance, Health and Entertainment


The Finance section includes information on... 

   a) the changing economy, 

   b) the future of work, and 

   c) the impact of the internet on your wealth.

The Entertainment section includes videos on... 

   a) different musical genres, 

   b) life in the future, 

   c) comedy & pop culture, and 

   d) other cool & interesting videos.

The Health section includes videos on...

   a) The current mental health crisis,

   b) The benefits of music on mental health, 

   c)  How nutrition can affect mental health, and

   d) Virtual (E-commerce) health store.

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Click below to read about... 

Click below to learn more 

about the website

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What do you like about the website?
How can I make the website better?

I always enjoy hearing from my viewers.

Any ideas or comments regarding the website content and/or layout are always welcome.

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