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Impact of Income Inequality
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The Impact of Income Inequality on American Families, Seniors and Youth

The Wealth Gap In America

The Top 1%: Should Wealth Have Limits?

Duration:  9 minutes (2022)

How American CEO's Got So Rich

Duration:  10 minutes (2018)

The Wealth Distribution in America

What Americans Think

Duration:  8 minutes (2020)

Actual Distribution

Duration:  6 minutes (2012)

Wages in America

Why Are Wages Low in a Growing Economy?

Duration:  5 minutes (2019)

The Minimum Wage Debate

Duration:  5 minutes (2021)

Minimum Wage in America

What's Wrong with Minimum Wage in America

Duration:  5 minutes

The History of Minimum Wage

Duration:  5 minutes

Low Wages in the Service Industry

Living On Minimum Wage

Duration:  15 minutes (2021)

Surviving an Unlivable Wage

Duration:  27 minutes (2020)

The Impact of Income Inequality in America

How Income Inequality Affects Society's Well-Being

Duration:  8 minutes (2019)

Millions of Americans Still Live In Poverty

Duration:  10 minutes (2019)

Food Insecurity in America

Duration:  28 minutes (2020)

Duration:  13 minutes (2021)

Financial Insecurity of Older Workers

Pandemic Unemployment on Older Workers

Duration:  8 minutes

55, Unemployed, and Faking Normal

Duration:  8 minutes

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