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Economic Thinkers

TEDx Talks: Universal Basic Income

Rutger Bregman - Should people get free money?

Duration:  17 minutes  (2014)

Raf Manji - Is a basic income a universal human right?

Duration:  17 minutes (2016)

Martin Ford - Will technology lead to the need for UBI?

Duration:  15 minutes (2017)

Jim Provost - Would a basic income result in more creativity?

Duration:  16 minutes  (2018)

"Big Think" Discussions on Economics

Discussion on the need for universal basic income

Duration:  25 minutes  (2020)

Discussion on the future of capitalism

Duration:  21 minutes  (2020)

Discussion on if capitalism is destroying itself from Eric Weinstein

Duration:  11 minutes  (2017)

Discussion on the Fall of Capitalism from Jeremy Rifkin

Duration:  10 minutes  (2014)

Discussion on how to think rationally about money

Duration:  14 minutes  (2020)

Discussion on if money is a ponzi scheme from Vicki Robin

Duration:  8 minutes (2018)

New Economic Thinking:

Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz

The Costs of Inequality

Duration: 16 minutes  (2013)

Time to get radical about inequality

Duration: 19 minutes  (2015)

How to rewrite the rules of globalization

Duration: 9 minutes  (2018)

Discussion about the economic impact of "Corporate Welfare"

Duration: 57 minutes (2015)

"Democracy Now!" YouTube Series

The Need for Progressive Capitalism

Duration: 12 minutes  (2019)

Rewriting the Rules of the Economy

Duration: 17 minutes (2015)

Nobel Economist Paul Krugman

MasterClass - Official Trailer

Duration: 2 minutes

The Problem of Rising Economic Inequality

Duration: 15 minutes  (2019)

The Problem with Cryptocurrency (Bitcoins)

Duration: 22 minutes  (2018)

Full Q&A at The Oxford Union - February 2020

Duration: 58 minutes

Discussions About the U.S. Economy - 92nd Street Y (92Y) Series

The Genius of Economics - with Joseph Stiglitz

Duration: 1 hr 16 min  (2015)

The State of the Economy

Duration: 1 hr 11 min (2016)

The GOP 2017 Tax Plan - with MSNBC Host Chris Hayes

Duration: 1 hr 6 min  (2017)

Discussing his book "Arguing with Zombies" - with Samantha Bee

Duration: 55 minutes  (January 2020)

Debating Bernie Sanders & Democratic Socialism - With Richard Wolff

Duration: 26 minutes  (February 2020)

Economist Richard Wolff: The Capitalism vs Socialism Debate

May 2020                        Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

The actual debate starts around the 40 minute mark.

2020 Economic Viewpoint

Talks about the "possible" end of capitalism

Duration: 9 minutes

Be​au is a southern journalist who is tired of a lack of common sense.

From his north Florida (south of Alabama) workshop, Beau talks about the historical significance of current events and its economic impacts. 

Many history teachers send topic requests for him to discuss and explain for their students.

Talks about Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Duration: 10 minutes

Talks about Florida's Minimum Wage and the American Dream

Duration: 5 minutes

  How to Rebuild a "Post-Covid" Economy

Billionaire Ray Dalio talks about the need for capitalism reform 

and the consequences of the deepening inequality in America.

December 18, 2020                        Duration:  23 minutes

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